With the emergence of 5G wireless communications, Internet Protocol Version Six (IPV6), and the Internet of Things (IoT), law enforcement and public safety officers are presented with evolving opportunities and challenges. The volume, variety, and velocity of Big Data has continued to grow over the last 10 years. Law enforcement and public safety officers are benefiting from enhanced, reliable communications systems such as FirstNet. There continue to be challenges in collecting and analyzing the volume and variety of data from investigations. Law enforcement agencies are applying artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) solutions and techniques to counter this challenge. At the same time, federal mandates require agencies to implement Zero Trust Architecture, a cybersecurity approach that goes beyond "trust but verify" and treats all networks and traffic as potential threats. Federal law enforcement agencies have begun taking steps to adopt zero trust, but the journey can be overwhelming.

In this 15th annual LEAPS Technology Forum, AFCEA Bethesda will provide an opportunity for government and industry to share information about lessons learned in resolving current challenges law enforcement face in an increasingly digital world. Panel discussions and roundtables provide a forum for engaging and interactive dialog. Government participants will learn from their colleagues and industry partners. Industry participants will discover opportunities where they can introduce innovations to their government clients. The LEAPS Technology Forum will look at how federal, state, and local agencies are working with industry partners to implement effective solutions with an emphasis on:

5G Communication

Overcoming obstacles to deploying 5G capabilities; leveraging data to improve situational awareness and improve the performance of first responders.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Applying AI/ML to accelerate the analysis of vast amounts of data collected for investigations, harnessing the power of AI/ML for a wide-range of use cases, including data analytics, combating cyber threats, facial recognition and other biometrics, and predictive policing. 

Cybersecurity and
Zero Trust

Developing a Zero Trust Architecture to mitigate risks from insider threats and external cyberattacks, learning where agencies are on their zero-trust journey; stemming the rising tide of ransomware attacks and cyber criminals using cryptocurrency to hide illicit activity. 

Cloud Migration

Improving management and outcomes of cloud initiatives, which for many agencies has been a mix of success stories (e.g., enabling attainment of public-sector missions) and continuing challenges: how to choose the best cloud type (multi-, hybrid-, etc.), cloud security, data siloes, coexistence with legacy technology, and others.  

LEAPS 2022 Recap