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Nilu Kundagrami
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Nilu Kundagrami, a healthcare and technology thought leader and innovator, currently serves as the Chief Data Officer at Advance Research Project Agency for Health, where he spearheads groundbreaking initiatives that harness the power of data to tackle the most pressing challenges in modern healthcare effectively. Before joining ARPA-H, Kundagrami worked as a Healthcare and Life Science Lead for Startups at Amazon Web Services (AWS), focusing on empowering healthcare and life science startups to securely process petabytes scale data by harnessing high-performance computing and generate insights using AI/ML.
Prior to his role at AWS, Kundagrami co-founded Scriptulate, a company that developed an AI driven prescribing solution that analyzes a patient’s clinical history, FDA drug database, standard of care guidelines, and latest research to generate a unique patient-specific recommendation. He also founded Vyvlo, a mobile app that manages complex and chronic diseases, acting as the Patient Health Record (PHR) of a patient, allowing a patient to retrieve healthcare information from a EHR and securely share it with providers. Earlier in his career, Kundagrami held leadership positions at hCentive Inc. (now Optum), CSC, Webtec, and Arinc.
Kundagrami’s educational background includes a Post Masters Advanced Certificate in Computer Science from the Johns Hopkins University, a Master of Technology in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi. He also holds a Master of Science in Physics and a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Jadavpur University.
Nilu Kundagrami