Full Name
Mrs. Andrea Fletcher
Job Title
Chief Digital Strategy Officer
Digital Service at CMS
Speaker Bio
Andrea Fletcher is the Chief Digital Strategy Officer (CDSO) at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). She is the first person to hold this role, and also serves as the Director of the Digital Service at CMS, an agency team of the United States Digital Service. At CMS she is responsible for digital transformation and modernization efforts, promoting interoperability and public access to health data, and recruiting the next generation of technical talent into federal service. Prior to taking on this new role, she served in the United States Digital Service as a product manager.
Before joining the federal government, Andrea spent most of her career traveling around the world. She has worked on digital health systems across more than 20 countries, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa. She has built mobile apps for healthcare workers, integrated biometric IDs into electronic health record systems, designed national-level interoperability layers, and deployed new disease surveillance systems making contributions to pandemic responses in Ebola, HIV, and COVID-19.
The Digital Service at CMS (DSAC) was created in 2021 as a new unit within the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to fundamentally change how the public interacts with the healthcare system through digital services. DSAC aggressively recruits and hires some of the nation’s top talent - designers, engineers, product managers, and problem solvers - to untangle, rewire, and redesign our healthcare system. Headquartered in the Office of the Administrator, DSAC works with components to scale digital services across the Department of Health and Human Service operation divisions.

Recently the Digital Service at CMS team supported the delivery of two exceptional resources for the American People:
- Findsupport.gov - FindSupport.gov was created in collaboration with SAMHSA and the public to help people quickly and easily identify available resources for issues with mental health, drugs and alcohol. FindSupport.gov helps people navigate the process of finding treatment and support based on insurance status, including Medicaid, Medicare, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs health care, TRICARE, private insurance, and no insurance. The site also includes unbiased information about various treatment and support options, and step-by step guides on how to reach out to loved ones, pay for treatment, and set up an appointment.
- cms.gov/medical-bill-rights (https://www.cms.gov/derechos-facturas-medicas )- Unexpected medical bills are a significant source of stress, frustration, and confusion for people in America. The No Surprises Act gives them new rights to prevent, navigate, and find resolutions to these “surprise” bills. New consumer-friendly content on CMS.gov breaks down the No Surprises Act and other medical bill protections for people into easy-to-read information and actionable guidance. The new content includes information pages, guides to medical bills, complaint and dispute forms, and a tool that helps you find an action plan specific to your billing situation.
Andrea Fletcher